Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a very powerful magnet and radiofrequency pulses to obtain high resolution images of the body eg. bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, brain tissue, spine, heart and pelvic organs.

In most instances, no special preparation is required for an MRI scan (see preparation). On arrival for your examination, you will be asked to fill out a safety questionnaire to ensure you are safe to go near the machine. Certain implants and metallic objects may prevent you from having an MRI (see contraindications).

For more details on what happens during the scan and for specific tests click on the links below.

Dr Jones & Partners invests in the latest 3T and 1.5T wide bore MRI systems ensuring we stay at the forefront of MRI technology and you receive the high standard of imaging services you expect.

We have 11 MRI scanners in SA and Alice Springs, however depending on if you have been referred by a GP or a specialist and what the test is, only certain scanners will be available due to Medicare regulations.

Download MRI Patient Information Guide.