Ultrasound is a safe and widely used test to produce detailed pictures of the body in real time. It is performed by a sonographer, a specially trained technologist who takes the images. It uses high energy sound waves generated by the ultrasound probe. The returning sound waves generate images on the monitor which provides a record of the examination. It does not use radiation and is safe in pregnant women and children.

The preparation required depends on the body part being examined. It may require fasting for an abdominal scan or filling the bladder for a renal, pelvic or obstetric scan. In many cases no special preparation is required.

The examination will generally be completed within thirty minutes but some examinations may take longer such as obstetric morphology scans or colour Doppler scans of the legs. Occasionally, the Radiologist, the specialist imaging doctor, will come into the room to view the images on the screen or ask you further questions. The Radiologist will produce a report on the scan findings for your referring doctor.

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Download Ultrasound Patient Information Guide.